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Strategic Alliances at Bay Path University & MindEdge's certificate and coursework discusses the theories of leadership and offers real-world practical explanations and definitions.

With our comprehensive Leadership courses business professionals can build the skills to successfully become a leader in today’s organizations. From effective team leadership to efficient communication, to key elements of leading in a dynamic environment, the skills taught in our leadership course will transform your natural charisma and enthusiasm into leadership skills.

The coursework covers both theories of leadership and offers real-world explanations, definitions and practical examples.

Individual courses address the following leadership topics:

  • The Importance of Leadership
  • Theories of Leadership
  • How to Encourage Change
  • Key Elements of Leading a Team
  • How to Manage Work-Life Balance
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • How to Address Key Issues Managers Face

Add the Leadership approach to your toolbox and become more marketable and more valuable to your organization.

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