Sample of Past Programs

Customized & Open Enrollment

  • Performance Evaluations and Coaching for Excellence with Mark Snow
  • Having Difficult Conversations with Janine Fondon
  • Motivating Employees for Maximum Success and Satisfaction with Kim Meninger
  • Building & Cultivating Trust with Roxanne Kaufman Elliott
  • Become The Customer with Dr. Stephen Brand
  • Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Teams in Healthcare with Dr. Joann Farrell Quinn
  • Empathy: Mastering the Workplace's Most Powerful Skill with Michelle Madlonado

Past Virtual Roundtables

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  • Re-Architect You: Taking the Next Steps in Life and Career
  • Having Difficult Conversations in the Workplace
  • The Role of Curiosity in Business
  • Confident or Impostor?
  • IN SHOCK: Bringing Empathy to the (Operating) Table
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Where Do We Start?
  • Mindfulness@Work
  • What Would Disney Do?
  • Wait, What?
  • Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare
  • Dealing with Uncivil Behavior and Winning
  • Strengthening Work Relationships through Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
  • Storytelling for Success
  • Civility at Work
  • Small Team Culture
  • Peer Problem Solving
  • Millennials as Managers
  • Women Who Count
  • Tools for First-Time Managers
  • Negotiating Your Way to Success
  • Importance of Being Entrepreneurial
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